Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Dealing with pranksters on the 24/7 queue

We’ve posted before about dealing with Answerland pranksters, but the situation can be a little different when you’re staffing the 24/7 Cooperative queues.

In Answerland, we use the Descriptive Code “prank” to mark sessions. However, you will recall from the training and documentation that when working with a non-Answerland patron, you do not want to use Descriptive Codes. The Cooperative’s policy is that Descriptive Codes are assigned only to sessions or transactions with one’s own patrons.

So how do you mark a 24/7 Coop session as a “prank”? The Coop’s recommendation is to use the Resolution Code “Followup by Patron’s Library” and then add a note for the librarian. This way the library is made aware of the situation. You can read more advice in the Persistent Repeat Patron policy.

Of course, as always, you can also report situations to the Answerland Coordinator who will followup with QuestionPoint.