Connect Your Library

Link to Answerland

All Oregon libraries are welcome to link to Answerland. The easiest thing to do is to simply link to our front page,

It is helpful to describe what Answerland does in terms that library users understand. For example:

  • Get help 24/7 from Answerland
  • Ask a librarian at Answerland

You can also order and download promotional materials.

Become a Partner Library

Oregon libraries work together to provide the service to everyone who lives, works or goes to school in Oregon.

There is no cost to helping to answer questions with Answerland. Staff at partner libraries give their time, both to attend training and to deliver the service. And they are able to use the Answerland chat software tools for free to help their patrons.

If your library would like to help answer questions by becoming a partner, contact us.