Quality Team

Answerland’s Quality Team recognizes librarians for high quality digital reference work while staffing the service.

Everyone is welcome to nominate transcripts that exemplify high quality virtual reference service for the Notable Transcript Award; please send nominations to any member of the Quality Team.

In evaluating transcripts, the Answerland Quality Team uses the following rubrics as a guideline.

Rubric for quality in chat reference

  1. A good reference interview (asking clarifying questions)
  2. A cheerful, welcoming tone
  3. Use of authoritative resources
  4. Asking follow-up questions
  5. Offering more help

Rubric for quality in email reference

  1. Answers should include a greeting
  2. Use of authoritative resources
  3. Offering more help
  4. Sign with a signature that includes a name

Rubric for quality in text messaging reference

  1. A short answer, ideally no more than 160 characters.  Longer answers that require a reference interview are also acceptable.
  2. In addition to an answer, the librarian’s message may include a brief web address to cite the source of the answer or to provide additional information.
  3. Sign with a first name in order to make a human connection with the patron.

Answerland Quality Team members

The Answerland Quality Team welcomes your nominations.