Become a Volunteer

Answerland welcomes trained library professionals and library school students to help answer questions.

For job description and application materials, visit the State Library of Oregon’s volunteer program page.

For current volunteers


Volunteer Incentive Program

  • What’s the purpose?  To engage volunteers and encourage chat contributions.
  • Who’s eligible? Current Answerland volunteers. (Does not include employees who currently work at the State Library.)
  • How does it work? For every extra shift a volunteer picks up, they get one entry into the drawing. In order to be eligible, the extra shift must be in addition to a regularly scheduled shift. Instructions for picking up shifts are found in the Answerland Staff Toolkit.
  • When are the drawings? There will be a drawing for a $50 Visa gift card at the end of every quarter (October 2018, January 2019, April 2019, and July 2019). The winner will receive a card with the gift card included.

For more information, contact the Answerland Coordinator.