Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: You’ve ended a chat, but…

Have you ever ended a chat session with another library’s patron, and then realized you selected the wrong Resolution Code or forgot to add a note for the librarian?

Never fear! While you can’t change the Resolution Code of a session after the fact, you have a few options for followup:

  • If you still have the library’s policy page up, click on the email address in the Policy Page Email Contact. Use the form that appears to send a note to the library.
  • Search for the question in your library’s question lists. If it appears, use Send Message to Librarian to add a note for library. More about this here.
  • If you selected Followup By Me by accident, locate the question in your library’s question list and click Reject under Referred by. This will change the status of the question to New, so that it will now appear in the patron library’s New list, with a red question mark.

If none of these options work, you can always contact the Answerland Coordinator who will work with QuestionPoint’s Quality Team to get the library the needed information.