Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Avoid jumping into sessions

You may have noticed the “All” tab in chat. On this tab you can monitor – and join – live sessions happening with your library’s patrons.

HOWEVER…with great power, comes great responsibility. The QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Cooperative recommends that we DO NOT just “jump” into chat sessions, as it can be disconcerting for both the patron and the chatting librarian.

Please review Cooperative Policy 5.4: Jumping into Sessions.

Here are two main things to remember:

1) If you see another librarian helping your patron and you wish to help, IM that librarian and ask them to transfer the session to you.

2) If you experience a local librarian incorrectly jumping into a session you are having with a patron, use the IM function to communicate with that librarian privately and then transfer the session to them. Do not close the chat session, or the chat session will be closed for everyone, including the patron.

More detailed guidance, including how to use IM and send notes to other librarians, can be found here: http://questionpoint.blogs.com/questionpoint_247_referen/2013/11/quality-tip-jumping-into-sessions-and-l2l-chat.html