Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Chat notifications

QuestionPoint has a few options for getting notified that there’s a new chat patron. You can find these in the Chat window under Settings.

  • Flash based popup alert: This alert appears as a popup window in your browser. You must have the chat monitor as your top window to see this alert because it does not pop up in front of other windows and applications. It is NOT recommended that you turn this on, because it can interfere during an existing chat session.
  • Browser based alerts: These include a sound and various flashing notifications in the browser title bar, tabbed interface (if you use tabs), and taskbar. Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all provide some variation of flashing notification. Experiment with them to see if they give you sufficient notification of a new patron request.
  • Sound alerts: There are options to have sounds play once or repeatedly. These can be good to have setup if you are often away from the computer during chat.