Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Referring a Question

At times you will want to refer a question to another library or librarian. There are several options for referring questions in QuestionPoint:

  • Shared Followup: Refer the question to the Shared Followup list.
  • Email Partner: Email the question to someone (librarian, teacher, etc.) who does not have a QuestionPoint account.
  • Subject Matter Expert: Refer the question to a 24/7 Coop SME.
  • Partner (Subscription): Refer the question to another Answerland library.

Here is a document that details how to use each of these options.

Couple of notes:

  • This is not for referring to a librarian within your library who has a QuestionPoint account. For that, use the Assign option.
  • You cannot include attachments with your referrals; you must send any attachments outside of QuestionPoint.
  • With Email Partner & SME referrals, you are responsible for reviewing and forwarding the referral response to the Patron.

See OCLC’s document on follow-ups and referrals for additional information.