Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Question lists & statuses

Navigating the Ask module can be a bit tricky. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: Why do some questions appear in more than one list? For example, I have a question that shows up in both New and Active.

A: Some of the lists identify questions by status:

  • New = needs followup by your library
  • Pending = awaiting followup by another library or patron
  • Answered = answer sent to patron
  • Closed = question complete

The other lists are compilations of statuses:

  • Active = Questions that are not closed (New + Pending + Answered)
  • Referred = Questions that are not closed (New + Pending + Answered) that you have referred to another library
  • All = All questions (New + Pending + Answered + Closed)


Q: Why is a question still showing in the Active list even though I answered it?

A: You have to change the status to Closed to remove a question from the Active list. You can either do it for each question (once you have the question opened, select Move To > Closed and click the blue arrow) or for several at once (in the list of questions, mark the check box next to the ones you want, and then at the very bottom of the list go to Select Action > Close Question and click the blue arrow).


Q: Why didn’t a get a notification for a question that appeared in my Active list?

A: If a question is marked as Answered during chat, then you don’t get a notification. You will know it has been marked Answered because an envelope icon will appear next to the question. (You can also see the resolution code in the transcript.) And even though the question has been answered, it will still go to your Active list. I recommend going through these questions to see if there is any need for followup before closing.


Q: If I close a question, can a patron still reply? If they do, will I be notified?

A: Yes, a patron can reply to a closed question. Once they do, the question will be reopened and assigned the status of New. You will receive a notification (if you have them enabled).