Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: IM and Transfer

It’s been about a month and a half since Answerland went live with QuestionPoint, but you may not have yet had a chance to use the IM and Transfer features.  Here is a quick guide from QuestionPoint with the basics. And here is an 8- minute tutorial on Using IM and Transfer in QuestionPoint.

And for those of you who have your own chat queues enabled…. You may have noticed that when you click on the All tab in chat, you have the ability to see active chat sessions in your primary queue – and you can actually jump directly into sessions (via “conference mode”). However, it is not recommended that you do this. It is confusing to the patron for another librarian to suddenly appear, and can be confusing to the librarian as well. Instead, IM the librarian and have the session transferred.