Tip of the Week

Tip of the Week: Patron email addresses

Confused about how QuestionPoint handles patron email addresses? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q: How do I tell if a patron has entered an email address in chat?

A: Take a look at the “Patron” field in the Info box in the bottom left corner of the chat window. If the patron didn’t enter an email address, it will say “No e-mail provided.”

Q: If a patron enters an email address during chat, will they get a copy of the transcript or do I have to send it to them?

A: If the patron clicks the Exit button in chat, then they will get a copy of the transcript emailed to them automatically. (You will see “Patron ended chat session” appear when the patrons clicks this button.) If the patron did not supply an email address, QuestionPoint prompts them for one when the Exit button is clicked so it can send the transcript. QuestionPoint does not send the transcript if the patron closes the chat window or goes to another web page without clicking the Exit button. (You will know this happened when you receive the message, “Patron is no longer connected.”)

Q: I changed a patron’s email address and QuestionPoint duplicated the question. Why?

A: When you use the Change Patron E-mail option, the system creates a copy of the question with a new patron email address and Question ID. You are given three options for dealing with the original question: Leave Unchanged, Delete, or Close Question.  To avoid confusion, it is recommended that you select either Delete or Close Question.

Q: Is there a way to send a patron a copy of the chat transcript (in case they didn’t get it, or if they ask for it)?

A: Yes. If you send an answer or clarification request to a patron, the chat transcript will be included.