Answerland Goings-On

Answerland Goings-On, December 2019

Software migration

Answerland’s current software, QuestionPoint, was sold to Springshare in May 2019. We will be moving to the new LibAnswers platform by May 29, 2020. The Answerland Coordinator is working with Springshare and the partner library liaisons on a migration plan. More details to come!

In the meantime, to learn more about the new software review this webinar on the software and sign up for upcoming Cooperative training sessions.

Annual Report

The FY19 Annual Report has been published! Take a look to see a summary of last year’s activities, usage, and staffing.

Quality Team in Action

The Answerland Quality Team updated the Best Practices for Quality in Chat Reference last year, and had the opportunity to present them at the North American Virtual Reference Conference (watch a recording) and Oregon Reference Summit (view their slides). Way to go!

Patrons Chat Back

Recent comments from our survey…

  • They were very helpful in finding alternative ways of looking up my research topic to get the results I need
  • Thank you for providing this service. It was very satisfying to have someone to talk to when I was frustrated with not being able to receive the immediate service I needed.
  • I am a current college student and found out about this service from my professor. I used it once before, but did not have the best experience so was hesitant to use again. But my professor suggested I try. I can honestly say that even though there was a bit of a wait, which I completely understand, the research Librarian that helped me this evening was fantastic. She helped in so many ways to find me amazing information! I will definitely come back!
  • I was looking for citation help, and using this system was much faster and more understandable than a generic google search.
  • Wow, I just discovered a gold mine of resources… thank ya’ll!
  • It was great to have access to help on a Sunday! Very easy to communicate and describe what I needed help with. Thank you so much for this service. It is invaluable when writing copious amounts of papers.
  • I received a clear answer to my question quickly and the librarian who helped me was very kind.
  • I’m very grateful of an online librarian. I haven’t been to school in a few years. Currently in grad school and happy I can get assistance on articles or literature I am researching for a final project. I am even learning how to search for use EBSCO and other searching engines to research
  • This is so useful thank you to all librarians who participate!!