Answerland Goings-On

Answerland Goings-On 2/8/16

What’s going on with the RFP?

The RFP for new software was slated to be out sometime in January or February. Unfortunately, we have encountered significant delays in the process. According to the new timeline, the RFP should be released to the public on March 3rd with evaluations scheduled in April.  If all goes well, we could expect implementation of the new software to occur in early June.

I know that there are several problems with our current software, and that new glitches seem to be appearing every day. I want to assure you that the State Library is doing everything we can to encourage expeditious progress of this RFP. I will keep you apprised of further details as I know them.

Comings and Goings

Greetings Kelsey Domingo (Concordia University) and Rya Agatep (COCC). Answerland is glad to have you aboard!

Featured Resource: LearningExpress Library

Getting questions about improving computer skills, practicing math skills, standardized tests, or job searching? Have you tried introducing patrons to LearningExpress Library?

LearningExpress Library is available to public, academic, tribal, and school libraries as part of the Statewide Database Licensing Program. All Oregonians can also directly access it through Libraries of Oregon.

It includes practice tests for math and reading skills and standardized tests like the GRE and SAT, videos tutorials for computers skills, e-books, resume-building tools and more! The resources are organized into themes:

  • School Center (grades 4–12)
  • College Center
  • High School Equivalency Center
  • College Preparation Center
  • Career Center
  • Adult Learning Center
  • Recursos para Hispanhoblantes (Spanish) Centers
  • Computer Skills Center
  • Job & Career Accelerator

This product sheet details what is available in each center.

I think it’s a great reference resource, and recommend you check it out!

Patrons Chat Back

  • “I think this is a very good service. I wish that I had known about it long ago.”
  • “Great service. Awesome librarian! I got all the help I needed!”
  • “Thanks! Fast response on a Saturday – love it!”
  • “It’s nice to be able to chat with a librarian during late hours”
  • “Great work. Keep it up.”
  •  “The assistance was helpful, and the person who helped me was very kind. They knew how to help me, and they even searched my topic alongside me to help! Overall this was a wonderful experience and I will definitely be using this service in the future!”
  • “I really appreciate the 24/7… I only have a few minutes a day to do this research”
  • “I can’t thank you enough for helping me find something and place it on hold. I have tried the very library I want it at…but it has been months and several forms filled out. Thank you for having staff to find it and place it on hold for me. I tired even old card catalogs and it wasn’t in there. I look forward to using this option again, when I can’t find something.”