Oregon Reference Summit 2018 – Lightning Talk 8

Copyright or Copywrong: Basic Guidelines and Resources, presented by Rinny Lakin @ Multnomah County Library

The “copyright question” can often spark fear and uncertainty among reference desk workers. But there’s hope! This talk will present an overview of copyright and fair use basics, as well as identify key resources that provide more detailed information on the topic.

Rinny Lakin is not a lawyer and does not play one on tv. With 28 years of library experience, over 30 public, academic and special libraries where “can I copy this?” comes up regularly, she finally opened pandora’s box of copyright to find out how to answer. Spoiler alert: it depends. For the last 17 years she has called Multnomah County Libraries and the Gladstone Public Library her home base. She is the current OLA SSD treasurer and has been a key part of planning the Support Staff Annual July conference for 4 years.