Oregon Reference Summit 2018 – Breakout Session 1a

The Map Is Not the Territory – It’s More!, presented by Liz Paulus @ Cedar Mill Community Library, Kathy Stroud @ University of Oregon and Jey Wann @ State Library of Oregon

This program will explore the wealth of cartographic information produced by all levels of government.  Attendees will learn about the variety of information via government maps, and how to access digital copies and specialized physical collections

Liz Paulus is the Web Services Librarian for Cedar Mill Community Libraries, who loves the stories made visible by maps, whether they are online or in print.

Kathy Stroud is the map, aerial photography, GIS and geography librarian at the University of Oregon Libraries.  She has over 15 years of experience connecting library patrons to maps.

Jey Wann is Oregon Documents Coordinator at the State Library of Oregon.  Her focus is providing permanent public access to Oregon government publications, including maps.