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Tip of the Week: Configuring IE for QP

Is your library using Internet Explorer to access QuestionPoint? If so, here are some recommended settings (for IE 11) to ensure that chat works well. Set up the browser history to be automatically cleared. Under Tools > Internet Options, on

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Tip of the Week: You’ve ended a chat, but…

Have you ever ended a chat session with another library’s patron, and then realized you selected the wrong Resolution Code or forgot to add a note for the librarian? Never fear! While you can’t change the Resolution Code of a

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Tip of the Week: Avoid jumping into sessions

You may have noticed the “All” tab in chat. On this tab you can monitor – and join – live sessions happening with your library’s patrons. HOWEVER…with great power, comes great responsibility. The QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Cooperative recommends that we

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